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News and Current Events

Environment Canada Weather Maple Leaf Decal (Toronto, 24 h); CBC News Maple Leaf Decal; BBC News and Radio Music; The Globe and Mail Maple Leaf Decal; The Toronto Star Maple Leaf Decal; The National Post Maple Leaf Decal; The Guardian; The New York Times; The Washington Post; Ars Technica (Dan Goodin); The Economist; Le Monde; The Times of India; The Hindu; China Daily; The Moscow Times; Hürriyet Daily News; The New Zealand Herald; The Intercept; Pluralistic; Boing Boing; Slashdot; and The New Yorker.

Sensory Focus

Married to the Sea, Natalie Dee, and Toothpaste for Dinner; xkcd; A Softer World Maple Leaf Decal; explodingdog; Kurt Jackson (Foundation); Google Arts & Culture; Artcyclopedia; Tate Gallery; Papercuts by Pete Callesen; Paper Folding by Paul Haeberli; Tribe Magazine Forums Maple Leaf Decal; YouTube (Vsauce, Numberphile, Computerphile, Sips, It's Grace (Classic), You Deserve A Drink, Good Mythical Morning, Geek & Sundry, The Valleyfolk); Rabbit Hole; Office Ladies; Internet Movie Database; TV Tropes; and Dreamscope neural style transfer.

CanLII Maple Leaf Decal (the Canadian Legal Information Institute), including reasons of Ontario's Law Society Tribunal; Lexis Advance (previously Quicklaw) and WestlawNext Canada; Canadian Laws Maple Leaf Decal from DOJ; Canadian Federal Legislation Maple Leaf Decal; Ontario e-Laws Maple Leaf Decal from MAG; SCC decisions; Slaw Maple Leaf Decal; the Law Society of Ontario Maple Leaf Decal; Lawfare; Administrative Law Matters; Duhaime.org Maple Leaf Decal by the late Lloyd Duhaime; thecourt.ca Maple Leaf Decal; and legaltree.ca Maple Leaf Decal.

Encyclopedic Knowledge

Wiktionary; Worldmapper; Project Gutenberg; Simpsons Archive; Discogs; Encyclopedia Mythica; Dictionary of Units of Measurement; Bible Gateway; Harry Potter and the Sacred Text; Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot; Watercolours; and Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures by US-NIST.


Canada Maple Leaf Decal; United Kingdom; Province of Ontario Maple Leaf Decal; Cities of Toronto and Kingston Maple Leaf Decal; Queen's University Maple Leaf Decal (Psychology and Computing); Osgoode Hall Law School of York University Maple Leaf Decal; and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Searches and Indices

Canada Post Maple Leaf Decal (Postal Code look up); Canada 411; 411numbers.ca; an alternative reverse telephone directory; Toronto Apartments on Craigslist; and TinEye.

Property vs. People

Electronic Frontier Foundation (creativity and innovation, patents, and privacy); CIPPIC; Citizen Lab; Contract for the Web; MontrĂ©al Declaration for Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence; Creative Commons (a Canadian chapter); Open Source Initiative (Open Source Definition); Defective by Design; Groklaw (now archival); The Trademark Blog by Martin Schwimmer; and Why Open Source or Free Software? by David A Wheeler.

The Twitters

Alison Loat; Amy Salyzyn; Bad Legal LLP; Cass Sunstein; Chaucer Doth Tweet; Chelsey Colbert; Chris Turner; Christine Duhaime; Chuuch; Corman Feiner LLP; David TS Fraser; Elie Mystal; Fantasy Courts; Frankie Boyle; Guy Gavriel Kay; Jeff Gray; Kashmir Hill; Margaret E Atwood; The Onion; Rebecca Durcan; Robots; Toronto Crypto; William Gibson; and Wu-Tang Financial.

Language and Mathematics

Typography for Lawyers; Google Translate; Wordsmith (anagram server); CELT Corpus of Electronic Texts; Geometry Formulas and Facts by Silvio Levy; MRC Psycholinguistic Database via the University of Western Australia; Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley; Calculus tutorials via Harvey Mudd College; Electronic Statistics Textbook via StatSoft; Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decisions by Dr Hossein Arsham; HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook; Boids by Craig Reynolds; Eric Weisstein's Math World from Wolfram Research; OpenAI (Gym); Tensorflow (Neural Style Transfer); and Talk to Transformer (a GPT-2 toy by Adam King).

Games and Experiences

Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia; Dungeon Master Forum; Baldur's Gate Maple Leaf Decal (Pocket Plane Group, Gibberlings 3, Low-Spoiler BG2 Guide and Walkthrough) EVE Online (Market Discussions, archived older Market Discussions, Chruker's site, EVE-Survival, Rooks and Kings videos, Cosmos and Epic Arcs); Rust (Live Maps); Escape from Tarkov (wiki); Samorost 1 (requires Flash, also Samorost 2, Samorost 3, Machinarium, and Botanicula); Treasure Box (requires Flash); and Flow (requires Flash) by Jenova Chen.


AS Byatt; Lawrence Lessig (Harvard Law School); Ze Frank (The Show, "True Facts about the Owl"); and Nick Bostrom (Future of Humanity Institute).

Web Development

World Wide Web Consortium; Axioms of Web Architecture by Tim Berners-Lee; Web Developer's Virtual Library; Web Standards Project; 1-Line Layouts (video); Evolt.org; and CSS2 Reference by Eric Meyer.

Software and Shopping

Abebooks.com Maple Leaf Decal; Amazon.ca; and Newegg.ca.