Owen Minns · Professional past, present and future

Curriculum Vitae

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Future Direction

Broadly, I am building a career that requires me to stretch my mind, skills, and abilities for the benefit of my community and the world, in the company of co-workers who enjoy doing the same. My current focus is to continue to work in the public interest as a lawyer in Ontario (i.e., licensed by the Law Society of Ontario as a Barrister & Solicitior), placing an emphasis on advocacy. Toward this objective, I earned a Juris Doctor (JD) from Osgoode Hall Law School (a top notch law school), I completed my Articles of Clerkship (in the Law Society's own Discipline Department), and I was called to the bar of Ontario. I have a Statement of Principles. I am a member of the Advocates' Society, the Canadian Association for Legal Ethics (CALE), the Ontario Bar Association (OBA), the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), and the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL).

Previous Engagements

My last business cards at Alliance Data (Alliance Data news) labelled me a Senior Analyst in the Strategic Planning group of the internationally-reknowned Canadian Air Miles Reward Programme loyalty programme (Air Miles news). This was my third role with the company: at first, I managed and improved the Statementing processes that deploy millions of Air Miles acccount summary mailings quarterly to myriad targeted segments. Then I managed scores of in-house enhancement projects to improve the company's understanding of its data (including uses and quality). These roles required effective relationship management with diverse client and supplier groups, a thorough understanding of complex business methods, IT systems implementation and mass-mail lettershop execution... and a lot of problem-solving and problem-preventing.

At times, I have also engaged in small-scale print document production, graphic design, web design, research, and analytical work on a project-by-project basis, including some on a volunteer basis. Please examine some of examples of my work or contact me to discuss any initiative to which I can contribute.

More about working

Underlying my successes are the relationships I have built with people. I enjoy working closely in teams of dedicated and intelligent people. I can commit to long hours, and I have enjoyed the combination of work and travel. I am analytical, curious, and creative, looking out to the far horizon and preferring principled perturbation of policy to exception. I am numerate and literate, and I like to apply my knowledge to evaluate and solve novel, complex problems. I am imperfect and I have much to learn. In others and myself I value hard work, a joy in learning, innovation, commitment, and consistent pursuit of success.